Nice to meet you.

I am Otobo Johnbull, Founder of B2B MEDIA ONE

Right now I have to say that it is only the ride of passion that drives me to continue with this project-blogging. 

Because writing and reading are my hubbies and being somewhat curious about everything (I’m a fast learner) I created this site.

I stumbled upon blogging about 3 years ago of which I only dig through it but did not dive into it. I mean it took me time before I started working on this site. So to say, it is because I took it as a part time thing for me and because I do other jobs like singing and playing the piano in the church, and I do other businesses too like real estate and travels.

What DO We Do?

Right now my primary focus is providing value added content for businesses that want to start marketing online or so to say, have been online marketing their products or services.
Feel free as I take you in a roller coastal ride through the internet marketing terrain.

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Please stay in touch with what b2bmediaone.blogspot.com through one of our subscription methods. Also feel free to connect with us on linkedin, medium, facebook and twitter if you are active on those networks. 

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